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       Zanzibar, TaNZaNIa           SANA
       Tel:+255 777 563303/8
       PUBLISHER                    Welcome to the August/September edition of Swahili
       Javed Jafferji               Coast, in this edition we have a very special tribute to     Nicola Colangelo after his sad demise in Fiumaretta,
                                    Italy, on the 24  July 2017 at the age of 73. He has set
       EDITOR                       milestones in many sectors of Tanzanian economic
       adnan abbas  activity, amongst which construction, transport and
                                    the tourism industry. For everyone that had known him
       PHOTOGRAPHER                 or worked with him, he has inspired each and every
       Javed Jafferji               one of us in a special way. Read more about Nicola’s
       adnan abbas
                                    extraordinary journey on page 16 and 17.
       Jon Rosen           pg 24    Masai or Maasai, a largely nomadic pastoral people of E
       ZIFF               pg 40     Africa, chiefly in Kenya and Tanzania. Cattle and sheep
       alex Pollock        pg 44    form the basis of the economy that they have maintained
       Nina springle       pg 49    in resistance to cultural change. Read more about the
       sakina adnan        pg 52
                                    modernization of the Maasai by Jon Rosen from page
       Mohamed Marashi  on page 40 to 42 Zanzibar International Film Festival
       DESIGN                       reveals all the award winners from this year’s film festival.
       Priscilla Fernandes          After eight days filled with film screenings, over 15
                                    different workshop programs, live music, and ZIFF’s
                                    first film and Tv market soKo FILAM, ZIFF 2017 was
       FREELANCERS NEEDED           a major success. In this issue we also discover an eco
       If you’ve found any interesting things in
       Zanzibar or the swahili coast that you feel   lodge, which sits on the rocky hill of Mwanza City, giving
       deserves promotion – small community &   a breathtaking view of the mighty Lake victoria. sakina
       non-profit development projects, eco-tourism   Adnan takes us on a journey to this one of a kind lodge
       projects, restoration projects and the like
       – please let us know or, better yet, write an   from page 52 to 55.
       article for us and send it with some nice high
       resolution pictures to       With the articles you’ll find our usual New Discoveries If we decide to
       publish your article we’ll even pay you a little   section, bird’s eye view and event calendar, along
       for your efforts.            with our Inside Guide section at the front. Included is our
                                    usual section of maps, listings and phone numbers you
                                    might need during your stay in Tanzania.
       Unsolicited manuscripts, artwork, transparencies
       and photographs are submitted at the sender’s
       risk. Whilst every care will be taken, the   Asante and enjoy the swahili Coast!
       publishers cannot accept responsibility for
       accidental loss or damage. all advertisements
       are taken in good faith and whilst every care is   THe SWAHIlI CoAST TeAm
       taken in compiling the contents of this magazine,
       the publishers assume no responsibility in
       effects arising therefrom. No content, including
       the advertising artwork (© Print Plus 2014) and
       photographs may be reproduced without written
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