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       PRINT PLUS                   SANA
       P. O. Box 3181
       Zanzibar, TANZANIA
       Tel:+255 777 563303/8    Welcome to last edition of Swahili Coast for the year
                                    2107, things are heating up – both the temperature and
       PUBLISHER                    the pace of life as the island braces another December
       Javed Jafferji               high season. Tanzania is definitely the place to be for a
                                    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018.
       Adnan Abbas                  In this edition we bring to you an exclusive concept photo  shoot that describes the quality of being powerfully and
                                    mysteriously attractive or fascinating. Read more about
       PHOTOGRAPHER                 this exclusive photo shoot from page 24 through 27.
       Javed Jafferji
       Adnan Abbas
                                    At Swahili Coast, we bring you the things that make our
       CONTRIBUTORS                 region the most beautiful and one of the most enigmatic
       Pierluigi Leggeri    pg 40   destinations in the world. The Whale sharks as the largest
       Liz Halloran        pg 45    fish in the sea, reaching lengths of 40 feet or more, whale
       Luca Crudeli       pg 52
                                    sharks have an enormous menu from which to choose.
       ADVERTISING AND MARKETING    Pierluigi Leggeri takes us on an amazing journey with these
       Perrine Thouvenot            gentle giants in Mafia from page 40 – 43.
       DESIGN                       For many European countries, Zanzibar is indeed a favorite
       Priscilla Fernandes          travel destination making up to a large number of all
                                    international visitors to the Tanzanian coast. Zanzibar’s rich
                                    marine life has a lot in stored, Luca Crudeli tells us more
       FREELANCERS NEEDED           about diving in Zanzibar from page 52 to 55. Also we take
       If you’ve found any interesting things in
       Zanzibar or the Swahili Coast that you feel   you through the Serengeti, read more from page 46 about
       deserves promotion – small community &   world’s most famous national park.
       non-profit development projects, eco-tourism
       projects, restoration projects and the like
       – please let us know or, better yet, write an   With the articles you’ll find our usual New Discoveries
       article for us and send it with some nice high   section, bird’s eye view and event calendar, along with
       resolution pictures to       our Inside Guide section at the front. Included is our usual If we decide to
       publish your article we’ll even pay you a little   section of maps, listings and phone numbers you might
       for your efforts.            need during your stay in Tanzania.
                                    Wishing all of you happy reading and a very safe
       Unsolicited manuscripts, artwork, transparencies   festive season!
       and photographs are submitted at the sender’s
       risk. Whilst every care will be taken, the
       publishers cannot accept responsibility for
       accidental loss or damage. All advertisements   THE SWAHILI COAST TEAM
       are taken in good faith and whilst every care is
       taken in compiling the contents of this magazine,
       the publishers assume no responsibility in
       effects arising therefrom. No content, including
       the advertising artwork (© Print Plus 2014) and
       photographs may be reproduced without written
       permission from the publishers.
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