Features you ask? Boy, do we have features. From video to audio, animation to form capture, virtual tanzania has it all. Add this to it's many applications, and it's hard to know why you haven't called.
Turn a new leaf, go green.
Deliver your next marketing brochure digitally
Virtual Tanzania Go digital. Virtual Tanzania's innovative pageflip technology enables you to recreate the experience of traditional print brochures and booklets online, without costly paper and press expenses.

Not only will mother nature be pleased that you’ve gone green, but you’ll be able to reach many more potential customers at a fraction of the price, through a range of digital media platforms.
Crowd surf. Worldwide.
Send to 1000's worldwide instantly
Virtual Tanzania Today we need to reach as many people as possible, and to make sure your targeted recipients actually receive the message.

Traditional print-based marketing simply can’t compete with the sheer scale and reach that a digital campaign can deliver instantly. In the age of social media, creating a buzz across many groups of people is what gets tongues wagging, globally.
Take your magazine into tomorrow.
Deliver magazine content digitally
Virtual Tanzania It’s not just small, one-off brochures that benefit from the e-brochures system. Large scale magazine productions can take their weekly or monthly publications digital, while adding items such as video that can’t be achieved in the printed world.

What about advertising? The e-brochures system gives you a secondary platform to upsell traditional printed material to interactive, animated, content rich advertisements with measurable results on clicks and views.
Go crazy.
Integrate Audio, Video, Animations and more.
Virtual Tanzania Virtual Tanzania is a fantastic system straight up, but we know you’ve got your own ideas. That’s why we’ve built in the ability to add functionality on request. Flash elements, audio, video, and animations can all be included into your e-brochure.

But it doesn’t stop there. We love it when you get creative. Let your imagination run wild, tell us what you’re thinking, and we’ll see what we can do.
It's in the numbers.
Statistical reporting on campaigns
Virtual Tanzania It’s almost impossible to know if someone has opened your brochure after a letterbox drop or mail out. Wish you had that data? We’ve got you covered. Virtual Tanzania takes advantage of the powerful Google Analytics system to track your e-brochure's open and usage rates. Sit back and we’ll send the numbers right to your inbox.

This tool will enable you to monitor:

  • Demographics (such as the geographical distribution of your visitors/readers according to their countries and the languages they use).
  • Audience behavior (such as the number of new visitors, the turnout of the existing visitors, the specific pages they visit the most, and so on).
  • Referrals (from which web-sites, social networks, or search engines they access from).
  • No hassle.
    No extra software needed.
    Virtual Tanzania Viewing your e-brochure shouldn’t be a hassle – with Virtual Tanzania there is no need to install any extra software or plugins to view them.
    Focus On Details.
    Virtual Tanzania When it comes to digital magazines, it should taken in the account that pictures and prints contain various small details. Thanks to the Zoom feature, all of your readers can enlarge any part of your publication page to examine specific pictures or read the small print.
    Text Search
    Easy Searching
    Virtual Tanzania Your viewers can find the desired information in your digital publication regardless of their location, and therefore regardless of the speed of their internet connection.
    Social Networks Sharing
    Expand The Audience
    Virtual Tanzania Social Networks transformed into a new and efficient way of sharing and distributing information. You can use it for your publications with the built-in easy sharing interface. Reach your audience, find new clients and business partners not only though your web-site, but also via Facebook and Twitter. Do so by publishing your catalogs, brochures and digital magazines on those web-sites they like visiting the most.
    Search Engine Optimization
    Easy Finding
    Virtual Tanzania If your publications contain specific search phrases or keywords, then search engines (such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!) will be able to read and sort your publications and show them as search results.
    Turn your static PDFs into eye catching Digital Flash Flipbooks FIND OUT HOW