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Twende Issue 11 (MAY - AUG 2009)

Twende Karibu to the 11th issue of the twende!

With so much happening in our world anything I say will hardly be a revelation to you. The media have been enjoying excessively broadcasting news and it's not enough to only hear or see it once. They continue to repeat the same old news over and over again, and just when you're completely overdosed with the media, and have just recovered from the bang, there is - of course - the breaking news. So for once I will not wander around current affairs just so you can hear something different...

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Twende Issue 10 (JAN - APR 2009)

Twende A very Happy New year to you all, may you be blessed and prosperous.

Despite the future of world economy down turn, ZanAir will strive to improve business and maintains its exceptional service during 2009 and beyond. I personally believe during these tough times, management skills will be put to the test, to make proper strategic decisions along will intuition and team work to beat this crisis...

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Twende Issue 09 (SEP - DEC 2008)

Twende Welcome aboard! Thank you for giving ZanAir the opportunity to be of service to you.

High season has hit Tanzania with a BANG! The atmosphere is ablaze with hotels fully booked, tour companies loaded with clients, and flights and ferries running busy.

Despite the looming global recession and sky rocketing fuel prices, avid travelers continue with their adventures, knowing no borders, nor hindrances...

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Twende Issue 08 (APR - JUN 2008)

Twende Hello and thank you for choosing to fly with ZanAir.

A warm welcome to our frequent flyers and friends of ZanAir. The green season has begun and the true colours of our island are starting to show. The land, revitalised by the rains reveals lush greenery and farmers plant crops to harvest later in the year.

The mood on the island shifts subtly and tourism companies and their staff can step back and take a breath or two as businesses begin their preparations for the new season...

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Twende Issue 07 (JAN - MAR 2008)

Twende Compliments of the seasons and a Very Happy New Year.

May the joy of the New Year bring fruition to all your plans, endeavors and goals. 2007 has been a landmark year at ZanAir, we feel content and refreshed, and ready to take on yet another year with dignity and pride.

Last year we introduced our online booking system, which has been a tremendous success. In spite of the heated moments and nail biting deadlines, we made it! Our staff have proved whoever said "never change horses mid race" wrong.

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Twende Issue 05 (JUL - SEP 2007)

Twende Warm greetings from Zanzibar and thank you for choosing to fly with ZanAir. Karibuni! Welcome!

Twende is in its 5th edition now and the response from both readers and advertisers has been overwhelming. Some of our passengers have asked why we have such a small magazine; the answer is short reading for short flights. Keeping the magazine limited to few pages helps to ensure we have high quality companies advertising with us, who we're happy to recommend to our passengers. Twende has been regarded by some passengers as the best in-flight magazine in Tanzania and that's all that matters, something the ZG Design team and ZanAir are both very proud of.

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Twende Issue 04 (APR - JUN 2007)

Twende Welcome to the one year anniversary edition of Twende!

It seems like just yesterday when I was asked to write the Airword for the first edition. Well then again, everything that happens here at ZanAir always seems like just yesterday, time flies when you are having fun! We are constantly on the move, developing new ideas, improving facilities and looking for new challenges.

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Twende Issue 02 (OCT - DEC 2006)

Twende Greetings and welcome to the second edition of Twende (Let's Go). The response to our first edition can only be described as overwhelming and I'd like to thank you all for your comments and feedback. This edition tracks the story of the dinosaurs at Lindi, the history of Tanzania's iconic Tingatinga art and the usual array of games, puzzles and jokes to keep you entertained during your flight.

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