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Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors (ZATI)

ZATI 2011/12

ZATI The Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors represents over 100 businesses which have come together to help to build a sustainable tourism industry. We provide the range of accommodation and services for visitors to enjoy Zanzibar.

The Zanzibar tourism industry has thrived since its first awekening 20 years ago. Now boutique beach hotels, converted places and merchants' towns houses, private and exclusive beach villas, island eco-retreats and hideaways, and prestigious state-of-the-art facilities describe the variety of places to stay in Zanzibar... from funky, to chic, to nothing short of luxurious.

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ZATI It has been a good year for us, but a difficult one. We are faced with Challenges which have a great affect on Zanzibar and Tanzania. From Global Financial Crisis to Global Warming, from the drought that has hit East Africa to the growing demand of for Energy.

All these factors will have a huge impact for on Zanzibar in the future. The question that one needs to ask, what are we doing about it? Now, with a growing population, the growing amount of economic migration and the need for better living conditions, Zanzibar is going to have to look more towards improving the livelihoods of its people by recognizing opportunities that tourism brings to the economy. The only way to achieve this will be working towards sustainable development, in a joint public and private partnership.

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ZATI 2008 - 2009

ZATI I truly believe that East Africa is a unique destination. According to World Tourism Organization tourist arrival statistics, East Africa is the fastest growing region when taking into consideration size, attractions and number of international visitors.

This association that I represent in many important events and meetings, ZATI, has a long vision of seeing and ensuring that the tourism industry in Zanzibar develops in a sustainable manner by encouraging our members to adhere by the island laws, respect the cultural values, engage members in training the local workforce and most of all, participating in variety of projects by supporting the Government in its economic growth and poverty reduction plan, and making sure that their Vision 2020 is achieved.

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